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Perfection Perfected

I have decided to take on a specialty.  All professions have a specialty of some sort–doctors, musicians, teachers, dentists… photographer’s should pick specialties, too.  And if you don’t have a specialty, you at least pick something you love to do or enjoy doing and you do that really well.  I no longer want to be a “jack of all trades, master of none”. I want a niche; I want to be a master of at least ONE.  I’ve decided my specialty is going to be Teens and High School Seniors.
When I had my mentoring session, I had the opportunity to photograph a senior.  I knew I wanted to take senior portraits, but I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy it.  That was a turning point for me.  As I invested in my education and my business in the past few months, I also discovered that I NEEDED to pick my niche… then be really great at it.  I knew right away that I wanted my niche to be teens, but didn’t really understand why, but that feeling has only grown since I made that decision.  I decided this is why:
Not everyone has the special ability to teach and work with teenagers, just like not everyone has the special ability to work effectively with the little, little ones…  I have been blessed with being a middle school teacher…God provided a middle school teaching job for me when I first started teaching even though I thought I definitely didn’t want to teach there.  But now I believe this is where it all started and where I am supposed to be.  I believe I’m supposed to be working with teenagers. 

Not only are they wonderful to work with and love modeling, but teens have incredible personalities and an incredible need to feel beautiful, confident, intelligent and encouraged.  I see it every day as a middle school teacher.  I truly enjoy working with this age because of the changes they are experiencing and the quirkiness they show day to day.  In middle school and high school… and college, actually, I felt incredibly insecure and I know for a fact that most girls feel the same way.  Boys and girls alike have confidence issues, feel sad and down and out about themselves and their abilities.  I hear “I can’t”, daily, and see students who don’t take pride in their work/abilities or themselves.  It’s heartbreaking.
Not only do teens feel bad about their intelligence, but also their body image.  An inspiring photographer, Michelle Ocampo, found an interesting and eye opening statistic:  2% of all women truly believe they are beautiful.  You have GOT to be kidding me.  How extremely sad.  Think about that for a minute–where do you fall in that category?  Are you part of the 2% that truly believe you are beautiful (you should!) or are you part of the 98% who believe the lies and complete nonsense of what “beautiful” should look like?

So my questions are WHY? and WHAT? can I possibly do about it?  I have decided to make my photography business not be just about taking your picture.  When you book a session with me, my absolute, number one goal is going to be sure you feel pampered, beautiful, confident and perfect.  Because YOU are!!  From the moment we meet for our consulation, throughout the whole session and ordering appointment, you are going to feel so special and beautiful because you deserve it. My goal is to make your session a wonderful experience from the very first time we meet.  Let me show you how beautiful you are through my portrait work.  You be the art..”Perfection perfected” (that’s my new tagline). 🙂

What does that mean for you, your wedding and/or your family portraits?  I have decided to no longer accept weddings.  I love weddings and will continue to love them, but they take so much time and equipment to really do well and I really want to invest my time into another area at this point.  Maybe I’ll be back, maybe not 🙂  … As far as families and little ones, I will still accept a few families and little ones appointments a month.  But they are not going to be my specialty and there will only be a few open spots a month.  I am really wanting to embrace teens/seniors/college students and I am going to really invest in them!  Thank you for understanding and for all of your support this past year!

Thank you to my rockin’ teen models!  You have all been so fabulous!  I have a few more models coming up in the next month and then we have officially entered into Senior portrait season!  Book your session today!  I’m so excited about this new direction and I hope you are, too!  Tell your friends 🙂


Have you heard of project 52?  It’s a project where you take a picture every week of the year and each week has a different theme.  It supposed to help you feel inspired, grow as a photographer and think outside the box.  I have been bad about keeping up with my weeks, but I do take the pictures and really think about them.  The first week’s theme was “beginnings” and these next two pictures remind me of “beginnings”.  It’s something fresh about the pure white snow… it’s the first snow accumulation we have had this year and it was light, beautiful and fluffy.  She is blowing the snow and signifying a new, fresh beginning of 2012…at least that’s what I see.  Plus it’s a really cool picture 🙂It’s going to be a big year for Megan Decker Photography.  I know I have been saying that and I can officially tell you what that means.  I am taking a course through The Joy of Marketing about business and marketing.  I am learning a TON and really evaluating who I am as a person and who I want to be as a photographer.  I have officially decided to do some rebranding.  That means I am going to have a different logo-completely unique to me and my photography; different FABULOUS products; new and fresh packaging; a completely different way I run my sessions, ordering and consultations; and a whole new experience. I’m really wanting to take my photography business to the next level-from hobbyist to professional.

Recently, I have asked high school students to model for me so I can build my portfolio for high school senior sessions.  I have had some wonderful ladies modeling for me, not to mention, gorgeous!  It has been great practice and I have really loved working with these students.  They have been so flexible and willing to help as I ask them to meet me different locations and pose them in ways they feel a bit “awkward”, but looks great 😉  I’d really like to continue to work with seniors for many years to come.

I’m going to be looking for HS Juniors this spring to be spokesmodels for Megan Decker Photography and would love for you to apply!  You will get a mini session and a discount on your senior portrait session!  Please send me a message if you are interested in this wonderful opportunity!

She has incredibly beautiful eyes!Love.One of my favorites!  I love the snowy scene!I have also decided to give up major time on my personal Facebook page.  I seem to fall into a black hole when I get on Facebook and it has taken/wasted so much time that I could have been spending with my Loves or working productively.  It was really becoming a problem.  I am still keeping and updating my business Facebook page and blog, but very minimal time on my personal page.  I’ll be a much happier girl.

Here’s to a wonderful 2012!

Senior Mini Session Part 3

I wanted a country, rustic look for this session and boy, did I find it!  Her brother’s house has this amazing scenery, awesome rustic truck and farm equipment.  It was amazing and I wanted to use it all!!!  Got some really great pics…She brought her pup along-isn’t he cute?!  That’s totally a bullet hole in the window—loved it!I kind of love that one 🙂And that one!  It’s so fun!I had a fabulous time!  Thanks so much!

I need a couple guys for some mini sessions!  Any suggestions ladies?  Send me a message 🙂  Also, BIG changes for Megan Decker Photography coming soon!!  So excited!

Senior Mini Session Part 2

Get ready for some fabulousness 🙂  Love these senior pictures!!Favorite.Favorite.Favorite.  Ha!  I heart them all!Love the way her hair is blowing so subtly in the wind.Take two, and while we are on take two’s…I liked this one in black and white.This spring-like weather is already giving me spring fever!!  I had to get out with my camera and my daughter today for some pictures!  I’ll post one to my business Facebook page for you to check out 🙂

I have another senior mini session booked for this weekend while the weather is nice!  So excited!!! 🙂

Senior Mini Session Part 1

Since my mentoring session with Ashley Nacke Photography, I have been so inspired to work with High School Seniors.  I’m so excited about taking Senior pictures and I hope this will help me kick off a wonderful year of Senior sessions!  I am so grateful to these girls (there will be 2 separate posts) and have fallen in love with Senior Photography even more.

I absolutely LOVE every single one of these pictures.  Many you have seen already on Facebook, but many are new.    She is just a stunning young lady 🙂Similar picture, but I like the words at the top of the doors, so I included this one, too 🙂Love that one!I had so much fun at this session!  We decided it looked more like fall then the end of DECEMBER, but we’d take it because the weather was almost perfect.  We had to stop after a little over an hour outside though, my fingers pretty much stopped working.  Haha!

I will have another Senior post in the next few days and more information about Senior sessions coming soon!  They’re going to be awesome!  Be sure to visit and like Megan Decker Photography’s Facebook page.  Have a wonderful and safe New Year!  I wish all of you a very happy and blessed 2012!!



Brr….. it was cold!  However, I do enjoy winter sessions!  They have a “warmness” about them-maybe it’s the layers of clothing, toasty jackets, hats and gloves.. or the snuggly blankets.  If you can tough it out, let me know!  They’ll be fabulous!That’s one of my favorites!  Love their laughs 🙂  And I LOVE the next few…Those two are pretty much the same, but I couldn’t decide which I loved better.  I’ve been wanting to take their pictures for such a long time and it finally worked out!  I’m so glad it did!  I love them!!!

May you and your family have a blessed Christmas!

Warmest wishes,